Nutritional Sciences

Introduction to Nutritional Sciences for Integrative Healthcare Practitioners (NUTINTROENG-001)


This course belongs to the Module I of the Complete Course on Nutritional Science, this module focuses only on the introduction and basic concepts in nutrition, food and diet. You don’t need to have previous knowledge in this field as we will be guiding you from basics to a little more advanced.

You will start with Unit 1 where you will learn all the basic concepts, food and common nutritional language such as the differences between macro and micronutrients and others more so you can move freely to other advanced readings once you have understood the foundations. In Unit 2 you will get closer to understand important molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats and how are they essential in our daily life, you will also learn the composition of nutrients and it's physiology. To end up this introductory course you will be able to get even deeper into basic metabolic pathways in order to understand how energy is obtained from the cell and how do we benefit from these pathways. We have given special attention to the Krebs Cycle and the Beta-Oxidation of fatty acids.
This course does not only provide you with great recorded seminars on each topic and the scripts, but also additional resources such as trending topics in each unit, or simply other videos that and materials that will give you a even more solid background of the unit you are studying.
This course is completed in 3 weeks only (21 full days) where you will have complete access to all video streaming lessons and you will be able to download powerpoints and scripts for future consultations.

This introductory course is suitable for homeopaths, naturopaths, integrative doctors, health coaches, beginners in nutritional coaching, pharmacists, biologists, physiotherapists and all to all those who wish to acquire some introductory concepts for their daily pratice. You can always move further to the Module II in Chronic Pathologies and Nutrition, or simply purchase the Complete Course on Nutritional Sciences where you will have available modules I & II included.
  • Welcome & A Brief Introduction
  • Course Structure & Syllabus
  • Instructions on How to Use Our E-Learning System
  • Learn More about your Instructor
  • UNIT 1: Introducing Basic Concepts in Nutritional Science
  • Lecture 1: Basic Concepts in Food & Nutrition
  • Unit 1 Document Presentation Food & Nutrition
  • Unit 1 Document Script Food & Nutrition
  • Test Unit 1 Food & Nutrition
  • Additional Resources: Introduction to Nutritional Science
  • UNIT 2: Nutrients - Physiology & Composition
  • Lecture 2: Physiology & Composition of Nutrients
  • Unit 2 Document Script Physiology & Composition of Nutrients
  • Unit 2 Document Presentation Physiology & Composition
  • Test Unit 2 Physiology & Composition of Nutrients
  • Additional Resources: Macro & Micronutrients
  • UNIT 3: Energy Management (Krebs versus Beta-Oxidation)
  • Lecture 3: Energy Management Krebs vs Beta-Oxidation
  • Unit 3 Document Presentation Energy Management
  • Unit 3 Document Script Energy Management
  • Test Unit 3 Energy Management
  • Additional Resources: Get deeper into the Krebs Cycle
  • Additional Resources: Beta-Oxidation in more detail
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  • You must complete the units "Lecture 1: Basic Concepts in Food & Nutrition, Test Unit 1 Food & Nutrition, Lecture 2: Physiology & Composition of Nutrients, Test Unit 2 Physiology & Composition of Nutrients, Lecture 3: Energy Management Krebs vs Beta-Oxidation, Test Unit 3 Energy Management, Please Complete this Important Survey"