A 'Must Have' Free App to Boost your Learning on the Skeletal System

In this video we will be showing you a great tool so you can get deeper into the skeletal system and learn more about the different parts of the head, trunk, lower limb and upper limb. You can find it in the Google Play under the name Skeleton 3D Animation, developed by Catfish Animation Studio, the free version allows you to navigate through the skull and vertebral column only but for as little as 3 or 4 €  you will have access to the complete skeletal system (this app does not include the muscular system). They have developed it for iOS as well so you can find it in the Apple Store too.

It allows you to select from 5 or more different languages and everyting is managed with the tip of your fingers, you can pan, rotate, zoom in or out very quickly and what its most striking is the high definition of the bone models, because honestly it can't get more real than that, the shades, the structures, everyting is taken well care of. 

Human anatomy is a descriptive science and as such,  digital tools make the learning process much smoother, fun and comfortable, and this tool is one of them. We have tested it and use it quite frequently and this is why we are recommending it to you now.